Rules of Eligibility

All performers in each group must be currently enrolled as a student in that institution. However, junior high vocal groups may use high school students or adults in their rhythm section.

Vocal Jazz Ensembles

  1. Vocal jazz ensembles will be allowed a minimum of 10 singers and a maximum of 30 singers (a maximum of 18 singers in CPM) and six instrumentalists on any one chart and should perform jazz, not rock. 
  2. Additional percussion instruments used in an incidental manner will not be counted in the six-instrument allotment. 
  3. Junior high vocal groups may perform at a high school level for critique only.

Vocal Solo Division

  1. Vocal Solo Division will be allowed 18 minutes, which includes adjudication time. 
  2. Soloists should perform two contrasting pieces. 
  3. It is recommended that a soloist have a rhythm section including piano, bass and drums but it is not required.

Instrumental Jazz Ensembles

  1. Instrumental jazz ensembles must have a minimum of 10 performers and no more than 25 performers on stage during any one chart.
  2. Second groups and non-mixed vocal ensembles may compete in a lower division, only if their #1 group is competing in their regular division.
  3. Personnel cannot be repeated in #1 and #2 groups on the same instrument.
  4. Rhythm sections may be used more than once to accompany vocal ensembles.
Violators of the above rules will be disqualified from competition. Any group may move up a division for competition.

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